Stop recruiting Irish for British army

This is a music video from Ireland: The Wolfe Tones – Some Say The Devil Is Dead, about the British army.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Irish unions ‘must oppose army recruitment drive’

Thursday 26 March 2009

PROGRESSIVE youth urged Ireland’s labour movement on Thursday to join the campaign against a British army recruitment drive in the six counties.

The British army has had billboards erected and leaflets delivered to homes in working class areas, encouraging youngsters to sign up.

Adverts have been put in newspapers, with one reading: “Call 50 non-responsive customers a day? Or call in an air strike?”

The territorial army has targeted the cross-community Belfast Metropolitan College with what the Connolly Youth Movement (CYM) described as a “misleading campaign which promotes a romanticised image.”

CYM spokesman Nicholas O’Hagan observed that the army recruitment propaganda made “no mention of the atrocities carried out by the British army in Iraq or Afghanistan and the legacy of their actions in Ireland.”

Noting that the Educational Institute of Scotland had banned recruitment by the British army in Scottish schools and that the National Union of Teachers in Britain had voted to oppose the distribution of misleading propaganda, he called on Irish trade unions to “adopt a similar policy to prevent more of our young people being shipped off to certain death in Iraq and Afghanistan or even to face death here in Ireland, as shown in Antrim earlier this month.”

The recruitment drive coincides with the recession and comes at a time when the British army is failing to meet its targets.

This video is the song Join the British Army, by The Dubliners.

The lyrics of the song Join the British Army are here.

A rock version video, with lyrics, is here.

British child soldiers: here.

The Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) Dublin City Post Primary branch has called for the resignation of Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) general secretary David Begg over the calling off of Monday’s national strike: here.

James Connolly: here.

St. Patrick’s Day Facts: Snakes, a Slave, and a Saint: here.

5 thoughts on “Stop recruiting Irish for British army

  1. Irish say goodbye to Liam Clancy

    Ireland: Music fans lined the streets of Dungarvan, Waterford on Monday to bid farewell to folk legend Liam Clancy, who passed away in hospital on Friday.

    The Co Tipperary-born performer was the last surviving member of the Clancy Brothers, who were credited with bringing Irish traditional music to a world audience in the 1960s.

    Folk singer Christy Moore said: “The way they sang in their own accents, it was Irish, it was also very funky and it was rock and roll. I think history will see the Clancys as having changed a lot of things in Ireland.”


  2. Wolfe Tones criticise Londonderry judge

    Published Date: 25 March 2010

    IRISH folk band The Wolfe Tones have criticised a Londonderry judge who fined a man for playing their music close to an Orange Order parade in the city.
    IRISH folk band The Wolfe Tones have criticised a Londonderry judge who fined a man for playing their music close to an Orange Order parade in the city.
    27-year-old Sean Johnston of Hollymount Park was fined £250 and handed a suspended jail sentence for playing Wolfe Tones music on his car stereo in July last year as he drive on Spencer Road past people attending the annual 12th of July parade.
    Passing sentence on Mr Johnston, District Judge Barney McElholm said that if there was such a thing as a good time and a good place to play The Wolfe Tones, it was not driving up Spencer Road during a loyal parade. Mr McElholm added that it was very doubtful that anyone who goes around playing The Wolfe Tones all day could ever have sense talked into them.
    But, the defendants conviction and the comments from the judge have provoked an angry reaction for The Wolfe Tone’s themselves.
    Speaking to local paper, the Derry News, one of the bands members Brian Warfield said he was prepared to come to the city and speak on behalf of Mr Johnston should he decide to appeal the conviction.
    Mr Warfield is quoted as saying: “I think it was a disgraceful decision. It is ridiculous when you think about it that everyone is now expected to turn off or turn down their car stereo any day there is an Orange parade on.
    “I just think this is a total injustice. There is a peace agreement and sending out a message like this to young kids is not a good idea.”
    “I have spoken to the young guy and explained to him the danger that I think there is for him in as much as he now a criminal record.
    “If he goes for a visa for America or Australia, he is immediately flagged.
    “I recommended that he should appeal it.
    “I told him that I would support him with any appeal and I would be prepared to come to the court to speak on his behalf, although I’m not sure how these things work.”
    The world famous band are renowned for having written and recorded some hard core republican ballads including the ‘Celtic Symphony’ which includes the chorus ‘Ooh Ah , up the ‘RA, as well as other like Joe McDonnell-in praise of the IRA hunger striker who died in 1981. The band have also recorded songs like ‘The Rifles of the IRA’, ‘Come Out Ye Black and Tans’, ‘The Man from Mullingar’, ‘Padraic Pearse’ and ‘The Big Strong Man.’
    Mr Warfield claimed while bands taking part in Orange Order parades played ‘anti-Catholic’ music, the music of The Wolfe Tone’s was not sectarian.
    “Our music is not is not bigoted, it’s not sectarian. We call ourselves after Wolfe Tone who was a Protestant.
    “We want a united Ireland of all people. We don’t discriminate against other religions with our music, we don’t put down other religions.
    “We don’t sing hateful songs like some of the Orange orders have about how they hate the Pope.”


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