Economic crisis, workers fighting back

The economic crisis continues.

This is a video about massive unemployment and homelessness in the USA.

Britain: THOUSANDS of London Underground (LU) workers warned the capital’s transport bosses on Monday that they are to ballot for strike action over job cuts and pay: here.

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown failed to condemn Employment Minister Tony McNulty on Monday for scooping up £60,000 in second-home allowance while spearheading an attack on unemployment benefits: here.

JOURNALISTS reacted with fury on Monday to Daily Mail bosses’ demands for massive job cuts at the newspaper’s regional titles: here.

SCOTTISH teachers warned on Monday that planned cuts to music classes and staff were “short-sighted in the extreme”: here.

RADICAL restructuring plans for the blood transfusion service in England and Wales which threaten about 170 jobs should be halted, the Unite union said on Monday: here. See also here.

UNIONS called for firms to be named and shamed on Monday after government inspectors found nearly 100 businesses were responsible for ripping off workers in north-east England by paying them less than the minimum wage last year: here.

Scaremongering or reporting? How the British media has covered the recession: here.

The Labour Party in the UK hasn’t been a party for workers for a long time. Now it’s clear that it isn’t a party for musicians either: here.

Workers from the occupied Prisme packaging plant in Dundee will be joining the Put People First march in London this Saturday: here.

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