Kingfisher catches fish, video

From Birdlife:

Fish-eye view of bird attack – The video below shows what it looks like to be a fish attacked by a kingfisher – from the fish’s point of view! Don’t forget to keep updated of BirdLife videos by subscribing to our YouTube account –

2 thoughts on “Kingfisher catches fish, video

  1. Bird Sanctuary

    Wednesday 27 May 2009

    edited by John Rety

    by Dinah Livingstone

    Seals sunning themselves,
    women all shapes and sizes sprawl
    with birdsfoot trefoil, buttercups,
    flowering grasses, wild geraniums
    and self heal on the lower meadow
    of the Ladies’ Pond Enclosure.

    Whish! goes a kingfisher,
    its turquoise matching the dragonfly’s,
    bird akin to insect as woman is to seal.
    On the next pond down, swans,
    moorhens, ducks, coots
    pursue their wild lives in peace.

    It’s called the Bird Sanctuary.
    Switch off your mobile,
    sisters under the skin,
    twinned, one pond for ladies
    and one is for the birds.

    About the poet
    Dinah Livingstone had a rural childhood in the west of England and has lived in Camden Town, London, since 1966. She runs Katabasis, a small press. This is a new poem sent specially to the column.


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