Mongolian wildlife

This video is about a baby Black Vulture in Mongolia.

From BirdLife:

IBAs guide Mongolia‘s sustainable development


Mongolia has one of the world’s oldest traditions of protected areas, dating back to Chinggis (Ghenghis) Khan in the early 13th Century. The country retains vast areas of relatively unspoiled natural habitats, including boreal forest, steppe grassland, desert and semi-desert, and many important wetlands. One quarter of Mongolia’s territory falls into one or more categories of what the World Bank defines as ‘critical natural habitats’.

These habitats still support healthy populations of species that have declined or disappeared elsewhere, including large mammals such as Saiga Saiga tatarica, Goitered Gazelle Gazella subgutturosa and the last wild populations of Bactrian Camel Camelus bactrianus and Prezwalski’s Horse Equus ferus przewalskii, and internationally significant populations of White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala (Endangered), Bar-headed Goose Anser indicus, and Relict Gull Larus relictus (Vulnerable). Mongolia supports significant numbers of 18 threatened bird species, including Swan Goose Anser cygnoides, Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni, and White-necked Crane Grus vipio (all Vulnerable), Saker Falcon Falco Cherrug (Endangered), and most of the global breeding population of White-throated White-throated Bushchat Saxicola insignis.

But as the country experiences economic growth, Mongolia’s natural habitats look set to enter a period of unprecedented pressure.

December 2011. Winters in the Gobi desert are usually long and very cold but the winter of 2009/2010 was particularly severe, a condition Mongolians refer to as “dzud”. Millions of livestock died in Mongolia and the re-introduced wild Przewalski’s horse population crashed dramatically: here.

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