Economic crisis and workers’ opposition

The economic crisis continues. See also here.

Workers at the Aradco factory in Windsor, Canada, seized control of the auto parts plant Tuesday, a week after its parent company, Catalina Precision Products, shut it down, throwing 90 workers out of their jobs without severance and vacation pay: here. And here.

Bailouts in the USA, cartoon

USA: For the millions facing unemployment, foreclosure, poverty and homelessness there will be no bailout, and no million-dollar bonuses like those paid out to executives at AIG, with the consent of the Obama administration and Congress: here.

Not a day goes by in Egypt without demonstrations, strikes, sit-ins and clashes between workers and the police: here.

1 thought on “Economic crisis and workers’ opposition

  1. The doublespeak of the discredited IMF

    By Eric Toussaint and Damien Millet, translated by Christine Pagnoulle
    and Judith Harris
    March 12, 2009 — The international crisis that erupted in the summer of
    2008 demolished all the neoliberal dogmas and exposed the deception
    behind them. Unable to deny their failure, the World Bank (WB) and the
    International Monetary Fund (IMF) claim they no longer uphold the set of
    neoliberal policies known as the “Washington Consensus”. Yet,
    discredited though they may be, these two institutions are using the
    international crisis to return to the limelight.
    For decades they have enforced the deregulation measures and structural
    adjustment programs that have led to the current impasse. After this
    total fiasco the WB and the IMF must now account for their decisions
    before world opinion.

    * Read more


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