Britons against Afghan war

This is a satirical video from Britain.

By staff:

Most Brits ‘unconvinced’ of Afghan campaign

Monday, 16, Mar 2009

Almost two-thirds of Britons remain unconvinced that British troops should remain in Afghanistan, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by ComRes for the BBC, found 60 per cent of respondents questioned the government’s arguments for staying in Afghanistan.

A huge majority of 18-24 year olds – 81 per cent – wanted an inquiry into the invasion [of Iraq], while the figure for the general population stood at 72 per cent.

But the government continues to resist those calls, stressing that an inquiry is unsuitable while troops are still in the country.

Both opposition parties disagree with that assessment.

Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Edward Davey said: “The British public are right to demand a full public inquiry into the Iraq war.

Ministers manipulated and spun the facts to create a pretext for joining the US in the invasion of Iraq. That is an insult to our democracy.”

Iraq To Execute 128 prisoners [many of them for being gay]: here.

George Galloway on Iraq inquiry: here.

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