British collusion in torture in Egypt

This video from Britain is called Britain Colludes with Pakistan to Torture British Muslims.

From British daily The Guardian:

Claims of British collusion in torture spread to Egypt

• Briton claims UK colluded in his torture in Egypt
• Detainee says he was hooded and beaten over five days

Allegations of British collusion in torture have widened to Egypt, where a young British man says he suffered appalling mistreatment during a week of illegal detention while being interrogated on the basis of information that he says can only have come from the UK.

The Foreign Office has admitted failing to make complaints on behalf of British nationals who say they have been tortured after being detained overseas during counter-terrorism investigations: here.

THE government was accused on Tuesday of “doing nothing” to help two British citizens who were allegedly tortured by Pakistan police: here.

THE Metropolitan Police was forced on Wednesday to pay £60,000 damages to a terror suspect after admitting in the High Court that arresting officers had subjected him to a prolonged series of violent assaults and religious abuse: here.

4 thoughts on “British collusion in torture in Egypt

  1. Police prevent national strike

    EGYPT: Police prevented workers from participating in a national strike on Monday for a higher minimum wage, price controls and a new constitution.

    And authorities detained dozens of left-wing activists, students and members of the Muslim Brotherhood and barred pro-democracy activists from demonstrating in central Cairo.


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