Thatcher’s death on stage

This satirical video about Britain says about itself ‘UK Labour (supposedly socialist) PM Gordon Brown praises Conservative world Icon Margaret Thatcher.’

From British daily The Morning Star:

When Maggie‘s gone

Sunday 15 March 2009

by Brigitte Istim

Interview: The miners’ strike will be marked on the stage next month. Playwright Ed Waugh chose Thatcher’s death as a starting point.

AS A sometime journalist and public relations man, Ed Waugh decided to mark the silver anniversary of the year-long 1984-5 miners’ strike by indulging his true passion – writing plays.

A Tynesider from South Shields, he is in London to promote Maggie’s End, which will open at the Shaw Theatre in April.

Maggie’s End starts with Margaret Thatcher’s death and looks at the repercussions of a Labour government deciding to honour her with a state funeral.

2009 Conservatives and civil liberties: here.

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