Economic crisis again

Bush and economic recession in the USA, cartoonThe economic crisis continues.

US bank regulator retires amid fraud scandal: here.

In a sign of the panic gripping Washington’s policy-makers, one of Barack Obama’s key economic advisors, Paul Volcker, warned a Columbia University gathering that the crash of 2008 might be “the mother of all financial crises”: here.

The world economic crisis continues to roil the Indian economy, damaging both its immediate and longer term prospects and exacting a mounting toll of job losses in a country where there is no social safety net and millions already live in abject poverty: here.

Britain: THE TUC condemned pleas by fat-cats’ club the CBI on Wednesday for “bacon-saving” bailouts before the G20 summit: here.

RECESSION-HIT City tycoon Brian Myerson went to the Court of Appeal on Wednesday in a bid to get a cut in the £9.5 million divorce settlement he made with his former wife: here.

DISABLED rights protesters furious at the new Welfare Bill were forcibly removed by police on Wednesday after attempting to block traffic outside Downing Street: here.

3 thoughts on “Economic crisis again

  1. The current economic crisis is a fundamental crisis of the world
    capitalist system. British socialist Phil Hearse calls it the “third
    slump” in the history of the capitalism (the other two being the Great
    Depression of the 1930s and the 1974-75 sharp downturn). And the levels
    of mass distress may yet come to rival the 1930s.

    * Read more


  2. 2009-03-10 14:30
    Broker turns stick- up artist
    Italian, 52, ‘had to do something to save my family’
    (ANSA) – Catania, March 10 – An Italian broker laid off because of the credit crunch became an armed robber to keep the wolf from the door.

    The man, 52, was let go a month ago and turned to crime after having a series of job applications refused, he told police after being arrested for a pharmacy stick-up.

    ”I had to do something to save my family,” the man said.

    The ex-broker was caught on surveillance cameras holding up a pharmacy in the centre of Catania.

    Police spotted him at the wheel of a BMW Tuesday and arrested him after a brief car chase.


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