Brazilian support for raped pregnant girl

This video is called Horrific Brazil Rape Story.

From CNN in the USA:

BRASILIA, Brazil — A doctor excommunicated by the Catholic Church for performing an abortion on a 9-year-old rape victim received a standing ovation during a national convention on women’s health, according to a local media report.

The response came during the opening ceremony of an event hosted by Brazilian Minister of Health Jose Gomes Temporao.

The newspaper O Povo reported that Temporao called on the audience to acknowledge the “brilliant” work done by a medical team in the abortion, performed in Brazil’s northeastern city of Recife.

The girl was pregnant with twins after being raped, allegedly by her stepfather, police were quoted in media reports as saying. The abuse had gone on since the girl was 6, authorities said.

Argentine rape victim, 14, denied abortion. Decision revised later: here.

Capitalism and rape: here.

7 thoughts on “Brazilian support for raped pregnant girl

  1. Vatican prelate defends abortion for minor

    March 15 2009 at 07:34PM

    Vatican City – An influential prelate said Brazilian doctors didn’t deserve excommunication for aborting the twin foetuses of a nine-year-old child who was allegedly raped by her stepfather because the doctors were saving her life.

    The statement by Archbishop Rino Fisichella in the Vatican newspaper on Sunday was highly unusual because church law mandates automatic excommunication for abortion. Fisichella, who heads the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life, also upheld the church’s ban on abortion and any implications of his criticism of excommunicating the doctors and the girl’s mother weren’t clear.

    Fisichella argued for a sense of “mercy” in such cases and respect for the Catholic doctors’ wrenching decision, and strongly criticised fellow churchmen who singled out the doctors and mother for public condemnation.

    “Before thinking about excommunication, it was necessary and urgent to save her innocent life and bring her back to a level of humanity of which we men of the church should be expert and masters in proclaiming,” Fisichella wrote.

    The doctors, Fisichella noted, had said the child’s life was in danger if the pregnancy continued.

    “How should one act in these cases? An arduous decision for the doctor and for moral law itself,” Fisichella wrote, urging respect for the inner “conflict” that the Catholic doctors must have suffered before deciding on the abortion.

    Earlier this month, the archbishop of Recife, where the child and her family lives, made a public announcement about the excommunication, which is the church’s most severe penalty. Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, a top Vatican official, has supported the archbishop.

    But Fisichella criticised the archbishop’s public denunciation, writing that the girl “should have been above all defended, embraced, treated with sweetness to make her feel that we were all on her side, all of us, without distinction.”

    Fisichella stressed that abortion is always “bad.” But he said the quick proclamation of excommunication “unfortunately hurts the credibility of our teaching, which appears in the eyes of many as insensitive, incomprehensible and lacking mercy.”

    The Vatican teaches that anyone performing or helping someone to have an abortion is automatically excommunicated from the church, and the Vatican prelate underlined that abortion is “always condemned by moral law as an intrinsically evil act.”

    “There wasn’t any need, we contend, for so much urgency and publicity in declaring something that happens automatically,” Fisichella wrote.

    Writing as if he were addressing the girl, Fisichella said: “There are others who merit excommunication and our pardon, not those who have allowed you to live and have helped you to regain hope and trust.” – Sapa-AP


  2. As President Obama finalizes the details of his fiscal year 2010 budget, please urge him to stop funding abstinence-only programs and direct our scarce public health resources to evidence-based programs that actually work.

    Bob Fertik

    because actions speak louder than words

    Dear Activist,


    As President Obama finalizes the details of his fiscal year 2010 budget, urge him to stop funding abstinence-only programs and direct our scarce public health resources to evidence-based programs that actually work.

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    We need your help to undo the damage done by the Bush Administration.

    In 2008, funding for ineffective and dangerous abstinence-only-until-marriage programs reached $176 million!

    As President Obama finalizes the details of his fiscal year 2010 budget, urge him to stop funding abstinence-only programs and direct our scarce public health resources to evidence-based, comprehensive sex education programs that actually work.

    Send a message to the Obama Administration and your elected leaders today!

    In order to make responsible and healthy decisions, young people need — and society has a moral obligation to provide — medically accurate, age-appropriate information about sex and sexuality.

    Yet, over the past decade, the federal government has allocated more than $1.3 billion for ineffective, dangerous abstinence-only programs that provide students with incomplete, medically inaccurate information that focuses solely on abstinence and provides little or no information about contraception .

    President Obama has said that he supports comprehensive sex education programs that promote abstinence and provide information on contraception.

    >>Take action. Urge President Obama to stop funding abstinence-only programs and allocate at least $50 million for comprehensive sex education programs.


    Debra L. Ness, President


  3. Madrid moves on abortion

    SPAIN: The government approved a plan on Thursday to ease restrictions on abortion and allow the procedure on demand up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

    The Bill, which awaits parliamentary approval, seeks to modernise the law that legalised abortion in Spain in 1985.

    That legislation allowed the procedure in cases of rape up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, fetal malformation up to 22 weeks and at any point when a pregnant woman’s mental or physical health were deemed by doctors to be at risk if the pregnancy went to term.


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