British economic crisis continuing

Bush's and Blair's disastrous legacy, cartoonThe economic crisis continues; also in Britain.

See here.

HOUSING campaigners predicted on Tuesday that new Labour’s policy would collapse and housebuilding will soon plunge to its lowest level for 88 years: here.

NEW Labour politicians are spectacularly “out of touch” with voters’ demands for nationalisation, a new poll reveals on Wednesday: here.

RAIL workers will deliver a strike vote on Wednesday in a stinging rebuke to their “dishonest, disingenuous and shabby” privateer bosses’ demands for job cuts: here.

FURIOUS journalists condemned an announcement by Guardian Media on Tuesday that half of the reporters that it employs in the Manchester area are to be made redundant: here.

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown said on Tuesday he took responsibility “for everything that’s happened” in his time in office, but again declined to apologise for the economic crisis: here.

NEW Labour’s handling of the economy took a further turn for the worse on Tuesday after official figures showed that the manufacturing sector had contracted at an “alarming” pace in January: here.

A new international report reveals that mental health problems are far worse in ‘rich’ nations, such as the UK, that are socially unequal – and that individual treatment is not the solution. Mary O’Hara reports: here.

THE latest inflation figures are bad news for pensioners trying to scratch a living on barely £90 a week, the National Pensioner Convention warned on Tuesday: here.

“Popular anger around the world is growing as a result of rising unemployment, pay cuts and freezes, bailouts for banks, and falls in house prices and the value of savings and pension funds”: here.

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