Iraqi trade union oppressed

This video from the USA is called The Abu Ghraib Prison Uncensored Pictures and Videos.

From British daily The Morning Star:

British workers urged to stand up for Iraqi union rights

(Thursday 05 March 2009)

THE TUC called on the labour movement on Thursday to send protest letters to the Iraqi embassy in London over “Saddam-style” attempts by the Iraqi puppet regime to curtail trade union rights.

TUC Iraq solidarity committee chairwoman Sue Rogers urged trade union members to email the Iraqi ambassador and express their disgust at the Iraqi government’s attempt to seize control of the Iraqi Teachers Union (ITU).

She reported that the government had ordered the union to hand over the keys to its buildings and its membership lists and is demanding that the existing leaders stand down or face jail sentences of three to seven years despite doing nothing wrong.

“The Iraqi government is acting like Saddam Hussein, treating unions as the property of the state,” Ms Rogers stormed.

“This is a breach of fundamental human and trade union rights. The Iraqi government can’t be allowed to act in this dictatorial way.”

It is believed that the ITU was targeted by the Iraqi government for staging a series of strikes and demonstrations last year, which resulted in substantial pay rises for its members. …

ITU president Jasim al-Lami was jailed for six years in Abu Ghraib under Saddam Hussein. He said that he is ready to face jail again to defend his union.

See also here.

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