Australia’s Lake Eyre filling up, wildlife returning

This video is about Lake Eyre in Australia.

From Wildlife Extra:

Lake Eyre filling up for the first time in 10 years – wildlife spectacle

03/03/2009 13:43:40

See One of Australia’s Most Spectacular Sights As Floodwaters Breathe Life into South Australia’s Dry Lake Eyre

March 2009. The world’s largest salt lake, Lake Eyre in South Australia is once again bursting into life as Queensland floodwaters flow along normally dormant creeks and rivers to reach Australia’s lowest point, 15 metres below sea level.

Only fills up every 50 years on average – becomes Australia’s largest lake

Located 700 kilometres from Adelaide, Lake Eyre, which has only filled to the brim three times in the last 160 years, last saw water in 2000 when it became half full. Normally inhospitable to wildlife, when flowing with water Lake Eyre is transformed into Australia’s largest lake, a wildlife oasis brimming with flora and fauna. Pelicans, gulls and terns follow the water, whilst camels and other wildlife are drawn by the water’s scent.

Fish reappear

Yellow-bellied fish and fingerlings have started to appear providing birds with a feast. Plants are springing up around the water’s edge and should Lake Eyre become 80% full it is likely that 85 different species of birds will descend on the area making this one of the most spectacular places to visit in Australia in the next couple of months.

Nature loving travellers have the rare and unexpected opportunity of seeing a lake reborn as numerous local operators offer a selection of tours, expeditions and flights to witness this rare phenomenon which is expected to last for another two or three months before the lake turns back into a saltpan …

Australia’s Murray river close to running dry: here.

The campaign to save Lake Cowal: here.

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