Anti Sarkozy demonstrations in Reunion

Solidarity demonstration with Guadeloupe workers in ParisFrom British daily The Morning Star:

France faces new wave of workers’ protests

(Thursday 05 March 2009)

PROTESTS spread from the French Antilles to Reunion on Thursday, where almost 20,000 workers demonstrated in different cities against the soaring cost of living.

The protests on the Indian Ocean island, which is also an overseas department of France, present the French government with a new challenge, coming just as union leaders on Guadeloupe agreed to suspend a 44-day-old general strike.

The Collective Against Exploitation, which has been leading workers’ protests on Guadeloupe, warned that it would resume the strike if government officials and bosses renege on their promises, which include lowering petrol prices and raising the wages of the lowest paid by €200 (£178) a month. Protests and a month-long strike on Martinique are continuing.

On Reunion, demonstrators presented French authorities with a list of 62 demands that will be negotiated with the government.

Reunion union leader Ivan Hoareau said: “We will lean on the victory in the Antilles to satisfy the biggest number of our grievances.”

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2 thoughts on “Anti Sarkozy demonstrations in Reunion

  1. General strike shakes France’s Caribbean colonies

    Introduction by Richard Fidler
    February 26, 2009 — Life on the Left — The general strike in two
    French colonies in the Caribbean is firm, with no end in sight. It began
    in Guadeloupe on January 20 and spread to neighbouring Martinique on
    February 5 as a protest against the high cost of living and, more
    generally, the gross inequality between the conditions of the black
    population and a tiny white elite, descendants of slaveholders, who
    control most industry and agriculture.

    * Read more


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