Ninja turtles help marine turtles

This video is called Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle on Surface with Oahu Diving.

By Martin Croft:

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) are celebrating their 25th anniversary by linking with The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to help the charity save real turtles.

The ‘heroes on a half-shell’ will now act as champions of marine turtles and the issues they face, appearing in the MCS’ Cool Seas Roadshow, which will tour schools throughout the UK during 2009. …

The MCS tackles litter, pollution and other threats to endangered marine turtles, as well as promoting turtle conservation in the UK and around world.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cretaceous marine turtle in Arctic: here.

Mass capture of Indonesian Box turtles driving them towards extinction: here.


Jane Fonda’s anti Vietnam war film on DVD

This video from the USA is the trailer of Jane Fonda‘s FTA film.

By Jennifer Merin in the USA:

FTA: Jane Fonda Protest Doc Resurfaces on DVD

Tuesday March 3, 2009

FTA is a doc with a fascinating past.

Featuring a singing and dancing Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland, the film follows a touring cabaret troupe, protesting the Vietnam War in performances outside US military bases and in meetings with disillusioned military personnel. Shortly after its 1972 release, the doc was pulled from theaters and, poof!, disappeared from public view.

Thirty-some years later, FTA’s negatives were discovered, a print was made and the doc is back. Amazingly–or perhaps not so amazingly–the film is still fresh and relevant, the songs are catchy, the skits very funny. More to the point, however, America is again engaged in an unpopular war, and protesting Veterans Against the Iraq War [sic; Iraq Veterans Against the War] are close kin to the Vietnam Veterans Against The War who serve as players in FTA.

Back from Suriname

This video is the music and lyrics, in Dutch and Sranan tongo, of the national anthem of Suriname.

Yesterday, we went to the airport for our flight out of Suriname.

Mostly dark night and clouds.

Today, 25 February, we arrived back. At the airport, first a kestrel. Then, a male tufted duck in a ditch. Then, a buzzard trying to catch a hare.