Suriname, 18th day, back to Paramaribo

This is a video of Kizzy Getrouw, singing the national anthem of Suriname.

After yesterday, today is 20 February: from Isadou to Paramaribo. First by boat.

Before we leave, a look at the ladder-tailed nightjar, which had been missing from its usual sleeping branch yesterday afternoon. This morning, it is sleeping there again.

Red-rumped cacique.

A spotted sandpiper on rocks in the river. The pied lapwings on the other bank.

A lineated woodpecker.

A ruddy ground-dove.

A female silver-beaked tanager sits down on water melon leftovers.

A squirrel cuckoo.

A swallow-tailed kite.

A mouse-coloured tyrannulet.

The boat goes to Ladoani. Then, the plane leaves from Ladoani airstrip for Zorg en Hoop airport in Paramaribo.

2 thoughts on “Suriname, 18th day, back to Paramaribo

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