British economic crisis worsens

The economic crisis continues.

Labour 2005 election poster

This is a British Labour Party 2005 election poster against Conservative Party repossession policies. However, the “New Labour” government themselves are now practicing conservatism ….

Britain: STATE-OWNED mortgage lender Northern Rock revealed on Tuesday that its home repossession rate had soared by 63 per cent: here.

PUBLIC service union PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka accused the government on Tuesday of preparing vicious attacks on the sick and the unemployed that go beyond anything Margaret Thatcher had dared to unleash: here.

PUBLIC-SECTOR union UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis condemned new Labour on Tuesday for using public money to bail out greedy privateers who are walking away from the once lucrative private finance initiative (PFI) contracts: here.

THE pay gap between men and women in Britain is among the highest in Europe, according to European Commission figures published on Tuesday as part of a new drive for wage equality: here.

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