Suriname, Leonsberg birds

Suriname, 14 February.

After arriving back from Marienburg, a walk in Leonsberg.

A dead cane toad: roadkill. Here, that toad was in its native environment. Contrary to Australia, where cane toads were introduced and now cause much trouble; which scientists try to resolve.

Two pale-breasted thrushes.

In a tree near the Suriname river sits a rufous crab-hawk.

A flower petal falls in a spider’s web. The spider runs to it, but then decides not to make a cocoon around it.

A smooth-billed ani on the road.

A white-lined tanager on a wire.

Brown-throated parakeets flying overhead.

Two ringed kingfishers flying overhead, calling.

A buff-throated saltator on a wire.

A pied water-tyrant near a ditch.

The Surinam toad is a very unusual-looking toad with a flat body and head. As well as distinctive webbed feet, it has a unique mating and breeding behavior: here.

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