Suriname, 14th day, to Brownsberg

This is a video about the Van Blommestein lake in Suriname. The lake is a reservoir, made for the smelters of Alcoa corporation in Paranam. Villages got flooded and over 5,000 people had to leave their ancestral ground. The smelters at Paranam are closed down now.

Suriname, 16 February.

Today, to Brownsberg nature reserve.

But first, looking for birds in the Leonsberg morning.

Little blue heron standing in a ditch.

Tropical mockingbird. Great kiskadee on a wire.

White-lined tanager.

Silver-beaked tanager.

Yellow-headed caracara.

Striated heron. Two wattled jacanas.

A male variable seedeater on a wire. Cattle egret. House wren.

Black vultures.

Smooth-billed ani and bananaquit on a wire.

Buff-throated saltator in a reedbed.

A male roadside hawk in a tree.

A pied water-tyrant.

A female blue-black grassquit.

Near a ditch: a black-capped donacobius. A little egret. A tricolored heron.

The bus goes south.

South of Paramaribo: cattle egret.

9:45: many black vultures.

In Paranam, there is a wetland boardwalk.

Yellow oriole. Coraya wren sound.

Cecropia obtusa trees.

Many fungi, also on the boardwalk.

The bus continues to the south. The road gets worse and worse. Damaged by rain, heavier than usual; and heavy logging trucks.

The bus gets stuck in the mud north of Brownsweg village. Like school buses and many other vehicles.

After a long time, Chinese road workers with big equipment manage to make the road more even and haul the vehicles out of the mud. Our bus manages to just pass through two traffic jams of trucks on both sides of the road.

After Brownsweg, the bus begins to climb to Brownsberg mountain. Just for a short time. The motor is over-heated and the bus has to stop.

Some of our group start walking the 9 kilometer uphill to Brownsberg. Screaming piha sounds. Others wait, and get picked up by a pickup truck. They see black curassows. Also, a yellow-footed tortoise is seen.

Later, another bus picks up us walkers, about halfway to the top.

We manage to arrive on Brownsberg just before sunset. In the fading light, a blue-throated piping guan in a tree.

And a fine panoramic view of the Van Blommestein lake.

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