Suriname, 6th day, green ibis

This is a video of a green ibis along a river.

Suriname, 8 February.

Like yesterday, on the Nickerie river. Going downstream.

A green ibis flies over the river.

On the bank, a rufescent tiger heron.

An anhinga flying overhead.

A blue-headed parrot on a tree.

A short-tailed nighthawk. At 8;15, over an hour after sunrise, it is late for him to fly here now. Maybe the cloudy weather?

A painted parakeet. A little cuckoo.

Two blue-and-yellow macaws crossing the river.

A black vulture in a tree.

White-winged swallows.

A channel-billed toucan.

A squirrel cuckoo.

A crested oropendola.

Twenty painted parakeets crossing the river.

A roadside hawk.

A ringed kingfisher.

An orange-winged parrot in the top of a leafless tree.

Band-rumped swifts.

On a tree, a white hawk.

We reach the small Native American village Tapoeripa. A boat from the bank goes along the ship, and news is exchanged. Marchal Lingaard, Surinamese biologist with our group, is of American Indian (and Scandinavian) ancestry.

A bit further: crested eagle.

A plumbeous kite in a treetop.

A crane hawk flying past.

A dusky parrot. A black-necked aracari. Two greater yellow-headed vultures.

A greater yellow-headed vulture with two black vultures in a leafless treetop.

A green ibis standing on a tree in the river; its green color shining beautifully.

A red-billed toucan.

An orange-breasted falcon. A plumbeous kite.

A black-tailed tityra flying across the river.

Then comes a lot of rainfall, making it very difficult to use binoculars outside the ship’s steering house. And inside the steering house you have to look through wet windows. Officially, this should be the “little dry season” in Suriname. But it rains often. And often for a long time, while it used to be for short bursts, our captain says. He thinks that climate change is affecting Suriname.

When the rain stops for a short time, a plumbeous kite sitting in a bald treetop.

12:05: Wagner’s sac-winged bats crossing the river.

Five blue-and-yellow macaws.

Two plumbeous kites together in a treetop.

Two red-fan parrots overhead.

Two red-and-green macaws, and two blue-and-yellow macaws.

The ship arrives in Wageningen. Stay tuned for the blog entry about the last part of the Nickerie river.

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