Suriname third day, Leonsberg birds

This is a tropical kingbird video.

Leonsberg, Suriname, in the morning of 5 February.

Orange-winged parrots flying overhead.

A tropical kingbird. A great kiskadee. A rusty margined flycatcher.

A black-throated mango hummingbird.

A house wren.

A glittering-throated emerald hummingbird.

A buff-throated saltator.

A striated heron, close to the house of opposition politician Desi Bouterse.

On a telephone pole, a male blue-black grassquit, jumping up and down a few inches again and again. This jumping behaviour led to his Dutch name dansmeestertje, little dancing teacher.

Two snail kites.

Near the ferry, on a branch of a mangrove bush protruding from the Suriname river mud, a common tody-flycatcher.

Walking on the mud, semipalmated sandpipers. Little blue herons. Snowy egrets. Semipalmated plovers. Least sandpipers. Many crabs.

A yellow-headed caracara.

The house wren is the most widespread native songbird in the Western Hemisphere, nesting throughout much of Canada and down to the southernmost reaches of South America as well as on the Caribbean islands: here.

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