Suriname, fifth day, Nickerie river third day


Suriname, 7 February.

Today, like yesterday, still on a ship on the Nickerie river.

A blue-and-grey tanager on a branch of a tree near the bank. Also, a silver-beaked tanager. A manatee coming up from the river.

A ringed kingfisher. A mating flight of hummingbirds around leafless branches of a tree in the river.

A squirrel cuckoo.

White-banded swallows flying a bit higher over the river than white-winged swallows.

Amazon kingfisher, sitting on a bald branch in the river.

An anhinga.

King vultures, greater yellow-headed vultures.

We go aboard a korjaal, as the current becomes too strong for our ship to go further upriver. We arrive on a small island near the Stondansi rapids in the Nickerie river. This is in the Sipaliwini district. By far the biggest district in Suriname, with about 80% of the total surface of the country; but with only 6% of the people. Most of Sipaliwini is virgin rainforest, plus some virgin savanna.

In a leafless tree close to the island sit four swallow-winged puffbirds. Every now and then, one of them flies away to catch insects. Then, it returns to the tree. And another one of the birds takes its turn.

This is a BBC giant otter video.

We discover giant otter faeces. A Surinamese biologist with our group, Marchal Lingaard, has done research on food of giant otters and river otters in Suriname. They eat fish and crabs. As close to rapids, there tend to be fewer fish, otters tend to eat more crabs there.

Back to the ship.

In a tree on the bank, a mixed breeding colony of crested oropendolas and red-rumped caciques in hanging nests.

A white-necked heron.

A gecko has managed to find its way to the steering house of the ship. On the banks, the loud sound of cane toads. Also, the higher pitched sounds of smaller amphibians.

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