Colombia spying scandal

This is a video on the Colombian wiretapping scandal.

By Bill Van Auken:

Colombia rocked by wiretapping revelations

27 February 2009

The Colombian government of President Alvaro Uribe has been rocked by a political scandal involving the wholesale wiretapping of opposition politicians, top judges and journalists by a secret service agency under Uribe‘s direct command.

The revelations, emblematic of the police state-style methods of Uribe‘s right-wing government, came at a seemingly inconvenient time, on the eve of this week’s trip to Washington by Colombia‘s defense and foreign affairs ministers for their first meeting with the Obama administration.

See also here.

A COLOMBIAN warlord who has pleaded guilty to drug-trafficking charges revealed that former army chief General Mario Montoya mounted a joint operation with his illegal death squad in late 2002: here. See akso here. And here.

Book review on Colombia: here.

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