Suriname, second day

Pied water tyrant

4 February. Today, we woke up north of Paramaribo, capital of Suriname, not far from the Suriname river.

Among the first birds in the morning was the pied water tyrant. And the house wren, great kiskadee, and tropical mockingbird, sitting on electrical wires. Grey breasted martins keep them company there.

Most streets here are named after birds. Above the Reigerstraat, Heron street in English, orange winged parrots flying.

In a ditch, a wattled jacana. Past a sluice, the water goes into the Suriname river. Four eyed fishes swimming there. Food for tricolored herons.

Smooth-billed ani and grey kingbird on a wire.

Near the river, the North American migrants spotted sandpiper and solitary sandpiper.

In a reedbed, black capped donacobius.

A blue grey tanager. A silver beaked tanager. A white lined tanager.

A snowy egret.

Black skimmers near the river (see also here).

Passiflora flowering next to the road.

A crested oropendola flying overhead.

A yellow bellied elaenia in a tree.

Lesser kiskadee and great kiskadee together on a wire.

A yellow headed caracara flies past.

A big owl butterfly near another ditch. Also a black throated mango hummingbird. A short tailed swift. A ruddy ground dove.

Dense canopy cover over House Wren (Troglodytes aedon) nests increases latency of brood parasitism by Shiny Cowbirds (Molothrus bonariensis): here.

5 thoughts on “Suriname, second day

  1. Dear blogger, you saw more than I this first day. But I will definitly add the grey kingbird to my own report. Thank you very much. Mrs Hermans, Hilversum


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