7 thoughts on “Rich richer, poor poorer under Bush

  1. Re: Confirm Rep. Hilda Solis as Department of Labor Secretary

    Posted by: “kenny_dyas1953” kenny_dyas1953@yahoo.com

    Sat Feb 7, 2009 8:00 pm (PST)

    What will interesting is whether or not Mitch McConnell, whose wife Elaine Chao, was Bush 43’s Labor Secretary, will vote to confirm Solis. Seems like Chao was very good at awarding 87% of $271M in Labor Dept funds to private firms via no-bid contracts in violation of agency procedures (source: Wikipedia).

    Here’s what the Wiki article also said: “Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao began having some agency workers compete for their jobs in 2004, but since then few employees have actually lost their jobs and had their pay cut as a result of the privatizing effort, GAO found. Of the 314 federal workers who had a job change as a result of competitions with private firms, 263, or 84 percent, were either reassigned to positions with the same title and pay or were promoted. Of the 16 workers who were demoted, 14 kept their same professional grade or pay.

    Twenty-two employees were demoted or laid off, and all were African American.

    The Washington Post, “GAO: Labor Dept. Misled Congress

    What a real sweetheart to working peeple. She screwed over her own employees.

    bigraccoon wrote:
    > Confirm Rep. Hilda Solis as Department of Labor Secretary
    > If there was ever a time the nation needed a strong secretary of
    labor, this is it.–New York Times, 1/28/09


  2. What If AT&T Had Won the Presidential Election?

    How could a telephone company win a presidential election?

    By contributing the maximum to its candidate very early on—just like AT&T’s political action committee did with George W. Bush and John McCain. We all know the disastrous consequences of eight years of George W. Bush.

    Now why would AT&T want to back candidates like that? More importantly, why would you want to carry a phone that backs candidates like that?



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