Music, magic, poetry

Pink Meltzer

Music, magic, and poetry in the theatre tonight.

First on stage was music by Katvanger. It was blues music by one bass guitarist and two guitarists. They are more or less an acoustic version of Jim Wake & Sleepwalker. They all sing, but guitarist Jim Wake is the lead vocalist. Being originally from the USA, Jim Wake said that he was happy that Barack Obama had ended the Bush era. One of their songs tonight was Grinning in your face, by Son House.

The poetry was by Pink Meltzer. Asked who inspired her most, she said Jan Wolkers. Her poems were about her city, love, and disappointment.

After the pause, a column of yours truly about birds. Presenter Egon Snelders asked me who was my inspiration. Like Pink Meltzer, I said Jan Wolkers.

Then, music by Vocality. Close harmony by eight female and three male singers, all in their twenties. Among their songs were Come in and stay a while, by Rhonda Polay; and Short people, by Randy Newman.

Then, a magician, Tilman Andris. He did tricks with a white rope, scissors, oranges, and knots.

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