Iraq war defeat for British government

This video is called Butchering Iraq – Bush’s and Blair’s Crusade.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Government must release minutes of Iraq planning

(Tuesday 27 January 2009)

THE Information Tribunal ordered the government on Tuesday to release the controversial minutes of the crunch 2003 Cabinet meeting where the invasion of Iraq was discussed.

Peace campaigners welcomed the decision as the first step towards their demands that the politicians responsible for taking Britain to war face justice in international courts.

The Information Tribunal upheld a decision by the Information Commissioner that details of the sessions on March 13 and 17 2003 should be disclosed. The two meetings considered whether the invasion was allowed under international law.

In its ruling, the tribunal said: “We have decided that the public interest in maintaining the confidentiality of the formal minutes of two Cabinet meetings at which ministers decided to commit forces to military action in Iraq did not outweigh the public interest in disclosure.”

The arguments in favour of keeping the formulation of government policy secret and preserving the principle of collective responsibility were defeated in this “exceptional case,” the ruling said.

A Stop the War Coalition spokesman describe the ruling as “long overdue,” adding: “Hopefully the British public will now find out the truth about exactly how we were hoodwinked into going to war in 2003.

“But what we really want to see is a war crimes tribunal, because the majority of the public believe that the war was illegal.”

See also here.

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