Glaucous gull in England

This video from England says about itself:

Desert Wheatear, Glaucous Gull & Little Egret

All filmed in Lincolnshire 12/11/08.

From Wildlife Extra:

Glaucous chooses Arctic habitat in Gloucestershire

28/01/2009 14:18:00

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust gets Glaucous visitor

January 2009. A glaucous gull has flown several thousand miles from Russia and amazingly set down at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust’s Slimbridge Wetland Centre in a small area within the grounds which is landscaped to replicate the bird’s native Arctic habitat.

The juvenile glaucous gull, more commonly seen alongside polar bears in the Arctic, was first spotted in several parts of the wild reserve before flying directly into the tundra pen within the grounds of the centre, only metres from watching visitors.

Annual visitors

James Lees, reserve warden at WWT Slimbridge, who first spotted the gull a few weeks ago, said: “We normally record glaucous gulls most years at Slimbridge but they tend to be at long range. To see this bird sitting inside the grounds almost oblivious to the general public was amazing, but perhaps not as amazing as the fact that this bird chose the tundra pen out of all the different pens it could have landed in. To see such a wild Arctic bird sitting so close to the visitors was a great sight, it’s also a credit to our horticultural team who have obviously done a great job making this area look like northern tundra.”

100,000 gulls roosting

Slimbridge has one of the largest gull roosts in the country with at least 100,000 gulls coming to roost on the Severn estuary at night, these birds then disperse in the day time to feed all across the county. Glaucous gulls are one of the largest gulls in Europe, almost the size of a goose. This species breeds in the high Arctic several thousand miles to the north of England. Like most Arctic wildlife most of their plumage is white so they blend in among the northern snow. They breed on rocky cliffs and hunt over the northern tundra.

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