Dictator Franco’s mass graves in Spain

This video says about itself:

Vicky Short of the World Socialist Web Site interviewed Montserrat Martinez about her campaign to discover the truth about the mass graves that contain the remains of Republicans and leftists killed by Franco‘s forces during the Spanish Civil War and his regime that followed. She spoke to the WSWS about the exhumation of the grave containing the remains of her grandfather.

Thousands Of Children Stolen During Franco Rule: here.

12 thoughts on “Dictator Franco’s mass graves in Spain

  1. Spanish civil war grave exhumed

    SPAIN: Volunteers have begun exhuming an unmarked grave believed to hold victims of the Spanish civil war.

    The Association for the Recovery of Historic Memory said volunteers were digging up part of a cemetery in the north-western town of Santa Marta de Tera in search of the bodies of four men believed to have been assassinated by a fascist militia at the beginning of the 1936-9 war.

    Today’s excavation is the first to be ordered by a judge since the association began searching for the bodies of thousands of Franco’s victims.



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