Big strike in France tomorrow

This video from June 2008 is called French rail, public sector workers strike on job cut.

From British daily The Morning Star:

French workers protest against cutbacks

(Wednesday 28 January 2009)

MILLIONS of French workers are set to take to the streets on Thursday to warn the right-wing government that they will not bear the brunt of the slump.

Major union confederations CFDT and CGT and six other union groups have called on public and private-sector workers to strike and rally in what is likely to be the biggest show of working-class strength since President Nicolas Sarkozy was elected in May 2007.

CFDT leader Francois Chereque said: “Employees feel that they are paying with their jobs, their wages and their labour rights for a crisis for which they bear no responsibility.”

CGT leader Bernard Thibault said that he expects the protests to be bigger than those that took place in 2006.

Back then, three million street protesters forced the government to scrap an amendment to a new youth employment contract that would have made it easier for bosses to fire employees who were under the age of 26.

Strike report: here. And here. And here.

France: Ruling circles shaken by the extent of January 29 protests: here.

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