Pope’s rehabilitation of Holocaust negationist causes indignation

This video is the film Shoah about the Holocaust, by Claude Lanzmann, Part 1.

From DPA news agency in Germany:

27.01.2009 Berlin: Central Council of Jews considers dialogue with Roman Catholic church to be in danger

Iffy Rehabilitation

After the rehabilitation of the traditionalist bishop Richard Williamson, who has denied the existence of gas chambers during nazi times, the Central Council of Jews in Germany considers that the dialogue with the Roman Catholic church is in danger. «For me as a survivor, it is impossible right now to continue the dialogue», the president of the Central Council, Ms Charlotte Knobloch, told the news broadcaster N24 in Berlin on Tuesday. …

The Central Council of German Sinti and Roma declared that it stood in solidarity with the protest of the Jewish community. The church ought to change its attitude about its even today still ambiguous digestion of its own history during nazi times. It ought to completely open up its archives at last, Central Council president, Romani Rose, declared.

See also here.

Israeli rabbis’ reaction: here.

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