Obama, stop nuclear weapons, A-bomb survivors say

This video is called The Hiroshima [nuclear] bomb.

From Kyodo news agency in Japan:

A-bomb survivors expect Obama to work for nuclear-free world

Thursday 22nd January, 05:17 AM JST


Survivors of the 1945 U.S. atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki expressed hope Wednesday that new U.S. President Barack Obama will work to abolish nuclear weapons as he vowed to lessen the nuclear threat in his inauguration speech. Takashi Morita, an 84-year-old survivor of the Hiroshima bombing who is now visiting Hiroshima from Brazil, said that Obama’s ‘‘perception of nuclear weapons is different from past presidents…I think he will be able to do something.’’

Former Nagasaki University president Hideo Tsuchiyama, 83, who is also a survivor, said, ‘‘There has been no other person (before Obama) who laid out the idea of seeking a nuclear-weapons-free world in the presidential election, and I feel his eagerness. I want him to realize it step-by-step by involving other countries.’’ He also said that he would like to carefully watch whether Obama can suppress possible resistance from the arms industry and government officials with different opinions in trying to realize the pledge. Sakue Shimohira, a 74-year-old survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bombing, said that she hopes to meet Obama ‘‘to directly tell him the feelings of the A-bomb victims.’’

From British daily The Guardian:

Thousands of British servicemen were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation during nuclear tests in the 1950s due to the “cavalier attitude” of their commanders, the high court was told today.

The scientific case linking exposure to fallout during the tests between 1952 and 1958 in the South Pacific and Australia to subsequent illnesses including cancer was now conclusive, meaning the government was obliged to provide compensation for veterans, said Ben Browne QC, representing 998 ex-servicemen present at the tests.

See also here.

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