Torture scandal in Peru

This video from Peru is called Community referendum in Ayabaca on mining (Majaz Case).

From Britiish daily The Morning Star:

Activists: Investigate Peruvian police torture allegations

(Wednesday 14 January 2009)

PERUVIAN human rights groups demanded a full government investigation on Wednesday into allegations of police torture against protesters at a British-owned mining project in 2005.

National Human Rights Co-ordinator, a coalition of non-governmental human rights organisations, and the Ecumenical Foundation for Development and Peace in Lima, which has filed a lawsuit over the alleged abuse, cited photographs of the apparent torture, that they had received from an anonymous source.

The pictures depict police standing over men and women who have plastic bin bags pulled over their heads and their hands tied behind their backs. Though their origin is unclear, the images have given new weight to the torture allegations made by protesters at the British-owned Majaz mining project.

According to the rights groups, police detained 28 members of two highland indigenous communities near the Majaz project in August 2005, during a march against mine pollution.

Victims say that they were held captive in the mining facilities for three days and that police and mining security officers beat them, deprived them of food and forced them to sleep in the extreme cold.

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