Global health apartheid for babies

This video says about itself:

Bush’s Afghanistan!!!

Warning: This video contains graphic images that are not suitable for children.

Viewing is recommended for ‘Mature Audiences’ only !

Within this video, I am endeavouring to show the side of George W. Bush’s ‘War on Terror’ that we are not seeing through the media. The true impact of the US Military intervention in Afghanistan… and how it is affecting the lives of ordinary Afghanis.

From British daily The Morrning Star:

UN reveals global health apartheid for babies

(Thursday 15 January 2009)

UN children’s organisation UNICEF released a report in Johannesburg on Thursday revealing that mothers living in poor countries are 300 times more likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth than mothers in rich countries.

The annual UNICEF State of the World’s Children survey found that, on average, 1,500 women die every day in pregnancy or childbirth, or about half a million per year, with 95 per cent of them in Africa or Asia.

India alone accounts for 22 per cent of the global total. In occupied Afghanistan, 75 per cent of babies whose mothers die in childbirth do not live for more than a month.

UNICEF report: Half a million women die from pregnancy complications each year: here.

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