CIA used soldiers as guinea pigs

This video from the USA is called MKULTRA Victim Testimony C.

From British daily The Morning Star:

War veterans sue CIA over ‘human chemical tests

(Thursday 08 January 2009)

SIX US army veterans who claim that they were used as guinea pigs in tests involving dangerous chemicals, germs and hallucinogens during cold war experiments sued the CIA, Department of Defence and other agencies on Wednesday.

They said that the experiments were part of a secret government-sponsored programme, codenamed MKULTRA, which began in 1950 at a Maryland army base and continued until 1975.

The veterans also allege in their federal lawsuit filed in San Francisco that they are in poor health today because of the experiments.

They are demanding health care and a court ruling that the programme was illegal.

Plaintiff Eric Muth said that he had been exposed to toxic gas and given hallucinogenic drugs in 1958.

The lasting effects include bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts, according to the lawsuit, which is backed by the Vietnam Veterans of America group.

A 2003 Department of Veterans Affairs training manual confirms that about 6,720 soldiers took part in experiments involving 254 different chemicals at US army laboratories from 1950 to 1975.

2 thoughts on “CIA used soldiers as guinea pigs

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