Dutch amphibians saved from traffic

This is a Dutch video about toad migration.

Translated from RAVON in the Netherlands:

Over 100,000 amphibians helped to cross safely in 2008!

In the Netherlands, there are many toad committees, protecting amphibians during the so called toad migration. …

As might be expected, most of the animals which have been helped to cross [in 2008] were Eurasian toads. Second are common frogs, 9,248 of them. Third are common newts. Also big numbers of more rare species have been helped. 1,061 moor frogs, 988 natterjack toads [see also here], and 118 Alpine newts have reached the other sides of roads safely. Apart from amphibians, also some other animals have been helped to cross, including slow worms, a sand lizard, field voles, shrews and a dung beetle.

Amphibians in the Netherlands: here.

Dutch amphibians in November 2009: here.

Dutch toad species: here.

UK Toad crossing points pinpointed on Google Earth: here.

What is claimed to be Britain’s first “frog hotel” is to be created on the banks of the Water of Leith: here.

Irish frogs genetically different from British common frog – Due to the ice age: here.

India: Bizarre chirruping Purple Frog captured on film for the first time: here.

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