Peace actions in Israel

This video says about itself:

TEDDY KATZ, Israeli Peace Activist (Gush Shalom) in April 2005 toured the U.S., trying to tell Americans – Jews and anyone else who would listen – to stop giving a blank check to Israeli governments. Katz came also to tell about the obliteration of Tantura and 552 other Palestinian coastal villages conducted by the Israeli military after their victorious war of 1948. Katz begins his talk this way:

“I like Israel. I want to be an Israeli citizen on [into the future]. But I dislike very much everything being done by the Israeli government, for generations. Every time I have more and more against what my government is doing. First of all, to ourselves, Israelis. And then, also, to Palestinians. Because they kill Palestinians — but they make our citizens [into] killers and very, very bad characters.” April 14, 2005 St. Bonaventure University, Olean, NY A SNOWSHOEFILMS PRODUCTION yoryevrah. The 90 min. video can be seen on snowshoefilms(dot)com

Anti Gaza war actions in Israel, see here.

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