US Republicans say Bush is ‘socialist’

From The Raw Story in the USA:

RNC mulls accusing Bush of ‘socialism’

Nick Juliano

Published: Tuesday December 30, 2008

The divisions taking hold among Republicans are becoming more severe as the party prepares to accuse its outgoing president of embracing “socialism.”

The slur that conservatives were so fond of lobbing at Barack Obama during the presidential campaign is now being directed toward President Bush and GOP lawmakers who supported federal bailouts of the banking and auto industries. ..

Republican leaders in both the House and Senate supported the Wall Street bailout, and GOP presidential candidate John McCain infamously “suspended” his campaign to return to Washington and whip up support for the bill.

The socialism of the bailout of the big capitalist crooks in the USA is an extremely particular “socialism” between snigger quotes. It is socialism for the rich. For the financial base of the US Republican party.

Like the Iraq war and Bush’s other wars are also a form of “socialism for the rich”; as Big Oil, Big Weaponry, etc. profit from them and Joe Taxpayer pays for them. Well, these Republican cowards slavishly supported Bush and his wars for eight years. And now that Bush is almost out of the White House, they get “courageous” calling Bush the biggest insult in their vocabulary. Still not daring to mention those wars.

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  1. Posted by: “frankofbos” frankofbos
    Thu Jan 1, 2009 8:29 am (PST)
    Today in Bush History, 1/1 …
    Integrity (’03), Insensitivity(’06) and Incompetence (’06) on Display

    On this date, dealings with Karl Rove reveal the integrity of Bush’s
    father and the lack of same in his son (2003).

    Come 2006 Bush’s insensitivity is on display as we find him in front of
    wounded troops at an amputee center, saying that he is injured too
    (poor George has a scratch).

    That same year Medicare Part D coverage starts, and it’s inept
    implementation causes many seniors many problems.

    More details, from the 2009 Bush Blunder Calendar …

    Today’s category: Bushisms, Failing the Troops, Iraq

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    Bush History-Duct Tape Censorship: Keeping the People’s Business Hid
    Posted by: “frankofbos” frankofbos
    Thu Jan 1, 2009 11:59 pm (PST)
    Bush History-Duct Tape Censorship: Keeping the People’s Business
    Hidden from the People, 1/2

    On this date, reports hit the news (2006) that the CIA had pre-war
    info that indicated Saddam might well have given up nuke work.

    Also, in 2008 15 fed-up states sue Bush’s EPA when they are
    prohibited from setting tougher than Bush auto standards, to fight
    global warming. In an effort to keep its motives secret the White
    House engages in some duct tape censorship.

    And a related Bushism.

    More details, from the 2009 Bush Blunder Calendar …

    Today’s category: Bushisms, Global Warming Denial, Iraq, The
    Corporation’s Yes Man


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