Harold Pinter, pro peace writer, dies

This is a video of Harold Pinter’s Nobel lecture.

From the BBC:

UK playwright Harold Pinter dies

Many of Pinter‘s plays are considered classics

Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter has died aged 78.

He had been ill with liver cancer, it is understood.

Pinter wrote more than 30 plays including The Caretaker, The Homecoming and The Dumb Waiter. His film scripts include The French Lieutenant’s Woman.

See also here. And here. And here. And here. And here.

Harold Pinter was a staunch opponent of wars, like in Yugoslavia or Iraq. Warmongers hated him for this.

Pinter’s The Caretaker at the Harvey Theater in Brooklyn: A classic has lost none of its power: here.

Three of US director Joseph Losey’s best films were made in collaboration with British playwright Harold Pinter: here.

11 thoughts on “Harold Pinter, pro peace writer, dies

  1. Cuba honours Harold Pinter

    Arts: The late British playwright and winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature Harold Pinter has been honoured by the Cuban Council of State for his outstanding commitment to the cause of international solidarity and friendship with the people of the socialist country.

    His widow Lady Antonia Fraser accepted the prestigious medal on behalf of her late husband during a ceremony in London on Wednesday.



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  6. Beckett notes go for almost £1m

    Wednesday 10 July 2013

    Literature: A manuscript of Samuel Beckett’s novel Murphy sold at auction for just under £1 million today.

    The six notebooks, complete with the author’s notes and doodles, cover more than 700 pages and include passages that were cut from the novel when it was eventually published in 1938.

    They were bought by the University of Reading for £962,500.



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