Hungry Afghan parents sell sons

This video says about itself:

Poverty in Afghanistan is driving some families to take desperate measures. They are sending boys as young as five across the border into Pakistan, to buy cheap flour, and smuggle it back home.

From the Daily Mail in Britain:

Afghan parents being forced to sell their sons to care for the rest of their family

By Nick Rutherford

Last updated at 1:11 PM on 23rd December 2008

Afghan parents are being forced to sell their sons to wealthy women who cannot have their own in order to look after their other children, it has been revealed.

Girls are rarely sold but boys can fetch around £1,000 which is a large sum to poor families in the country where foreign aid goes no further than the government in Kabul.

Channel 4 News will show footage tonight of an eight-year-old boy being sold to a wealthy woman from Kabul, outside the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif.

As the meeting begins, the boy’s father, Nek Mohammed, knows he only has a final few moments with his son.

The woman Sadiqa is business-like, saying: ‘Kiss your father and mother goodbye now – it is time.’

As she hands over $1,500 (£1,000), Mr Mohammed begins to weep.

The translator accompanying cameraman Mehran Bozorgnia says: ‘Sadiqa, this is wrong!’

She says: ‘Yes you’re right. It’s cruel.

‘But I have two aims here. First, to give this boy a bright future and a good education. And second, to save their other children. The winter’s coming and I’ve given them money so the children don’t die of hunger.’

Mr Mohammed says: ‘I sold a piece of my heart to stop my four other children dying of hunger. I don’t have an elder son. I’m also sick.

‘My kidney is failing. My body is in pain.’

For him, selling a child is the only way to keep his other children alive.

Not only are parents being forced to sell their sons but the number children being kidnapped has soared.

There were at least 180 documented abductions in Kabul alone in the past seven months.

From CTV in Canada:

Afghan raids stoke anger against NATO: report

Updated Tue. Dec. 23 2008 12:14 PM ET News

Air strikes and nighttime raids in Afghanistan are stoking anger in the local population and threatening to turn Afghans against coalition forces, according to a new report by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission.

5 thoughts on “Hungry Afghan parents sell sons

  1. Event supports plight of women in Afghanistan by raising about $1,900

    Published Wednesday March 25th, 2009

    For The Daily Gleaner [Jamaica]

    The auditorium of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre was filled recently with people coming together to support a longtime prominent women’s group in Afghanistan, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA).

    It was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977. It struggles for women’s rights and runs schools, literacy programs, health clinics, orphanages and refugee programs.

    The association’s Benefit Variety Show is an annual event organized by the Fredericton Peace Coalition and the University Women’s Centre with support from international development agency CUSO-VSO.

    This year the NB Rebelles, a new feminist organization, joined organizing efforts. The event was full of local talent and analysis of the situation of women in Afghanistan, the Congo and New Brunswick, and native women in Canada.

    Dana Ghanem, a Palestinian child living in Fredericton, touched hearts by reading a poem of hope for Palestine called The Seed Keeper.

    The event also featured gumbooting, a resistance dance founded in South African mines.

    The event closed with dancing to the reggae tunes of Sierra Leone’s Saa Andrew.

    The third annual benefit raised $1,900. Donations can be made to the association until the end of April via the Fredericton Peace Coalition by e-mailing

    For more information about the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, visit


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