8 thoughts on “Slavery, Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings

  1. London Education Centre Presents:
    Race and Education Conference 2009

    Saturday 31st January, 2pm

    West London Trade Union Centre

    33/35 High Street

    Acton W3 6ND

    Tube: Acton Town , Acton Central BR

    Buses: 607, 70, 207, E3

    Race, class and the Education System – Empowerment or Entrapment?

    Justin Baidoo – An activist and former teacher involved in campaigns against Academies in Southwark. He will look at how the education system and current education policy fails black & working class students

    Education or MisEducation? – Addressing the Challenge of Educational Reparations

    Esther Stanford – Esther Stanford will explore the praxis of Reparative Educational Reform with reference to developing a 21st Century curriculum. She will highlight the social movements and knowledge creations which have informed recent curriculum changes which claim to be inclusive of the subjugated histories, heritage and knowledge creations of African, African Caribbean and other African descended peoples

    Alternative approaches to teaching Black History

    Martin Spafford – A History teacher in Waltham Forest, a member of the group designing the new History Curriculum and an active member of Black and Asian studies Association

    Speakers from Campaigns against Deportation

    Refreshments will be available.


  2. Founding father’s slave exhibit opens

    UNITED STATES: Thomas Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal” as a rallying cry for national liberation against Britain, yet he was a lifelong slave owner.

    That contradiction between ideals and reality is at the centre of a new exhibition opening tomorrow at Washington’s Smithsonian Institution.

    The exhibit, Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello: Paradox of Liberty, offers a look at Jefferson’s Virginia plantation through the lives of six slave families and artifacts unearthed there.



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