Starling singing like blackbird

This is a video about starling mass migration.

Today, as I prepared to go to my train, there was a cart on the platform. A starling sat on it, singing. Starlings can mimic various sounds. This one was singing like a blackbird.

4 thoughts on “Starling singing like blackbird

  1. Thanks for the bird songs Kitty. Our two Blackbirds are the Redwing and the Brewer’s. In reading your post, I realized that I have no idea what the Brewer’s song is like. They’re mostly urban and one tends to come across them in noisy parking lots and roadsides. Starlings are an introduced species and a plague in North America. When I lived in Indiana, Starlings had crowded out most of the native birds. It was quite beautiful to see huge clouds of starlings moving like schools of fish over the local fields, but really very dreary to see nothing but introduced Starlings, introduced English Sparrows and the occasional Robin or Bluejay. Oak blight had also killed off a lot of the trees so that, at least in town, every bird was a Starling and every tree was a maple.


  2. Oh, so that would mean that European Blackbirds are related to the American Robin and the Varied Thrush? Thanks for the links. I knew Robins and Thrushes were Turdidae but did not really know about Icteridae as an exclusively new world family. I wish I had more time for birds.


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