4 thoughts on “Mega Berlin wall built between USA and Mexico

  1. Fences are death traps for wildlife


    Lulu Kenzig, Yanchep


    FURTHER to the death of the poor kangaroo in Mandurah recently, as wildlife carers in Yanchep my daughter and I often witness appalling cruelty and suffering of animals that I am certain RSPCA staff members are only too familiar with.

    We support the theory that a fence could have caused such damage.

    Apart from our local authorities refusing to maintain areas that are common thoroughfares for animals (resulting in almost daily deaths), we also have a situation of decrepit fencing not being checked, repaired or removed.

    Last year we found a dying creature that had been trapped for who knows how long, in a broken piece of old fence.

    The animal’s hind legs were not only caught but had been severed during days of struggling and panic; one was only hanging by threads of flesh with the bones completely smashed.

    What sort of fear could render an animal so scared that it would rip off a limb? I haven’t witnessed that since growing up in the country and seeing what cruel traps could do.

    My point is that farmers, landowners and shires are all guilty of allowing old fences to fall and for some reason must believe they shrink and decay into the ground, much like careless fishermen think their discarded hooks and plastic will do the same.

    I would like to see some form of law introduced where objects of danger, such as fences or any matter that cannot decompose safely, be removed in a compulsory manner or fines are imposed.

    Imagine the outcry if a human were to become so trapped that such damage occurred.

    If we as humans are encroaching on the land that animals use, pushing them further and further into smaller and more dangerous areas, surely it is up to us all to make sure that safety measures are introduced to ensure we actually have animals to appreciate in future generations.

    This year alone in this area we have witnessed dozens of kangaroo, reptile and bird deaths, with many on our own street. We are still fortunate enough to have a lovely country with abundant wildlife, yet so few measures are taken to prevent hazards.

    For every animal found, you can bet that there are dozens left to die out of sight.

    Lulu Kenzig, Yanchep



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