Anti-gay preacher at Obama’s inauguration

This video from the USA says about itself:

Rick Warren: Comparing gay marriage to incest/polygamy/pedophilia gets you invited to Obama inauguration?

Rick Warren has been invited by the Obama team to give the invocation at the January inauguration. This is, in a word, unacceptable!

From the blog of Chris Durang in the USA:

Gay and Feeling Hurt by Obama’s Warren Choice

As a gay man, I feel hurt and upset by Obama‘s inviting evangelist Rick Warren to speak at the Inauguration.

During the presidential campaign, I thought a lot about how as the Bush years went on, and the rest of the world thought less and less well of us and we seemed to manufacture almost nothing. I wondered if this was the waning of America, the beginning of our losing what was great about us. The fall of the Roman Empire, but now us.

And I felt that if McCain/Palin had been elected, the downfall would continue for certain.

Obama being elected was, and still is, the best hope that our country can refind our values. And finally address global warming, that was ignored the last 8 years, etc. etc., with the other 20 serious, serious problems we face.

But now Obama has invited anti-gay Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration.

And Mr. Warren is profoundly Old School about homosexuality — he thinks it is a sin, which he bases on his belief on passages in the Bible. There are also passages in the Bible that support slavery; is it time to send Barack and Michelle back to the cotton fields? That feels rude to say, but my point is, just because something is in the Bible is not a reason to accept it; you have to analyze it and figure out if it’s part of the Bible that was written centuries ago from a different, less mentally evolved state.

Anyway, for a gay person such as myself who has been an enthusiastic Obama supporter, this is a depressing, saddening, infuriating choice for his first day in office.

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6 thoughts on “Anti-gay preacher at Obama’s inauguration

  1. Posted by: “K.C. Pep”

    Sun Jan 4, 2009 8:33 pm (PST)

    Examining the Diminishing Separation of Church & State
    01 Jan 2009 12:24 PM CST

    There is a great post on American’s United for Separation of Church and State, which is a GREAT read. Here’s an excerpt:

    Old-style Religious Right leaders have already signaled that they intend to assume a confrontational stance. In a recent interview with the Baptist Press, Religious Right attorney Mat Staver blasted Obama with florid rhetoric, branding him a “threat.”

    “I would consider him to be the biggest threat to religious liberty we’ve ever had because he will push the homosexual agenda,” said Staver, who runs a legal group affiliated with the late Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. I think churches and pastors will be very negatively affected by Obama’s policies.”

    I also found a MUST READ FOR ALL on the Siren Chronicles entitled Undermining the First Amendment By Creeping Christian Prostelyzation.

    Here’s a excerpt:

    This is all terrifying to freedom loving, individual Americans, who rightly fear the establishment of any religion as “the state religion”. Religion has a place in each individual’s life at a time and a place of each individual’s choosing, but it has no place being forced upon anyone. The recent brouhaha on these pages about Rick Warren performing an invocation at the presidential inaugural maybe be viewed as a bit over reactive by some, and when it comes down to it, I can ignore that small interlude, as I have done so in similar situations for my entire life, but why should it be foisted on me in the first place during an act of state ceremony, and it does make me fear what else religious extremists might want to force upon me, will I, one day be forced to wear a religious insignia on my clothing, have all of my worldly possessions seized, have my friends and family torn away from me, and find myself marching to a gas chamber, all in service to some one’s skewed belief that their God is God and is the only God?


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