Economic crisis

This satiric music video, to the tune of Feed the World, from Britain says about itself:

Bleed the World

A great video taking the mick out of the current global financial crisis. Urging people to digg deep for those in need this Christmas.

US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates to near zero: here.

Madoff scandal victims threaten legal action: here.

USA: Concessions imposed on Pittsburgh, Penn. bus drivers.

Wall Street’s crisis spells deepening attacks on average New Yorkers : here.

New York City workers and students speak. “The bailout is for the rich, we are the ones who pay for it”: here.

Steelmakers threaten production cuts and plant closures worldwide: here.

Canada plunging into recession: here.

Warning of 3m jobless in UK as US slashes rates: here. And here.

4 thoughts on “Economic crisis

  1. John Bellamy Foster: The great financial crisis: causes and

    A November 3, 2008, public lecture by John Bellamy Foster, editor of
    Monthly Review and co-author (with Fred Magdoff) of The Great Financial
    Crisis: Causes and Consequences, which will published in January 2009.
    See also “Financial implosion and stagnation: Back to the real
    economy” , by John Bellamy Foster and Fred Magdoff.

    * Read more (watch the video)


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