Pakistani truckers stop supplying NATO

This video from CNN in the USA got this caption from “civilsocietypakistan” on YouTube:

Thousands of civilians, including women and children have been killed in Afghanistan and Tribal areas of Pakistan. All this is happening under the cover of “War against Terror”. Are these women and children terrorists? Or those who take their lives are terrorists and extremists?

Musharraf has no regard for the blood of Pakistanis. He and his corrupt army generals owned an American attack on Bajour (January 2007) when 80 children were killed, while asleep, by a drone. Now he has opened a front in Waziristan and other tribal areas of Pakistan.

From Deutsche Welle radio in Germany:

15.12.2008 | 13:00 UTC

Pakistani truckers halt supplies to NATO forces

A major organisation of Pakistani truck drivers say they will stop carrying supplies to US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, following a string of attacks by Taliban militants. The decision by the Khyber Transport Association is expected to severely hinder NATO and US supplies.

From The News in Pakistan:

“We feel that our drivers and vehicles are not safe anymore. Also, as tribesmen, we are concerned over frequent attacks by the US drones in our tribal areas, and that is why we want to stop the supply of goods to the US-led allied forces in Afghanistan,” Shakir Afridi, president of the KTA, told The News after the meeting. The KTA president said 3,000 to 4,000 trucks, trailers and tankers, which made the major share of vehicles transporting the Nato supplies, were owned by the tribesmen of the Khyber Agency alone.

The Deutsche Welle item continues:

Last week alone pro-Taliban militants torched around 300 trucks, trailers and containers in raids on terminals in Peshawar, where vehicles hauling cargo for Western troops were parked before crossing into Afghanistan.

Pakistan‘s Taliban movement said the attacks were in retaliation for NATO is already in talks with Afghanistan‘s northern neighbours Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan for an alternative supply route.

I have news for NATO and George W. Bush. Both Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are dictatorships.

Duh … NATO and George W. Bush have known that already for a long time. And it has not prevented them from being chums with the dictators. Like they were chums with Pakistani dictator Musharraf before the people drove him away. And with Saddam Hussein in the 1980s …

This is a photo of a Bush meeting with Uzbek dictator Karimov, with a cartoon balloon refering to Bush’s daughter Jenna and the Iraq war added to it by A Tiny Revolution in the USA.

Photo of a Bush meeting with Uzbek dictator Karimov, with a cartoon balloon refering to Bush's daughter Jenna and the Iraq war added to it by A Tiny Revolution in the USA

US looks for other Afghan supply routes: here.

Strategic Concerns, Not Rights, Are U.S. Focus in Kyrgyzstan: here.

11 thoughts on “Pakistani truckers stop supplying NATO

  1. Suspected U.S. missile strike kills two in Pakistan
    Mon Dec 15, 2008 3:07pm EST

    PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) – A suspected U.S. drone aircraft fired a missile into a house in Pakistan’s North Waziristan region on the Afghan border on Monday, killing two people, Pakistani security agency officials said.

    U.S. forces in Afghanistan, frustrated by a spreading Taliban insurgency that is getting support from militant enclaves in northwest Pakistan, have stepped up strikes by pilotless drones despite Pakistani objections.

    There was no immediate information about the identity of the two people killed in the strike in the village of Tabi, 5 km (3 miles) east of the region’s main town of Miranshah, the two security agency officials said.

    North Waziristan is a known al Qaeda and Taliban stronghold.

    U.S. forces have carried out nearly 30 air strikes in Pakistan this year, according to a Reuters tally, more than half of them since the beginning of September.

    The attacks have killed more than 220 people, including foreign militants, according to reports from Pakistani intelligence agents, district government officials and residents.

    The United States and Afghanistan have long pressed Pakistan to do more to eliminate the militant sanctuaries in remote ethnic Pashtun areas that no government has ever controlled.

    Pakistan, under fresh international pressure to eliminate militants after last month’s assault on the Indian city of Mumbai, says the U.S. strikes violate its sovereignty and undermine efforts to fight militancy by inflaming public anger.

    India has blamed Lashkar-e-Taiba, a militant group it says was set up by Pakistan to fight Indian rule in the disputed Kashmir region, for the Mumbai attacks.

    (Reporting by Alamgir Bitani; Editing by Robert Birsel and Michael Roddy)


  2. U.S. supply line into Afghanistan protested

    By Munir Ahmad – The Associated Press
    Posted : Thursday Dec 18, 2008 11:16:24 EST

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — More than 10,000 Pakistanis protested Thursday against allowing U.S. forces to ship supplies through Pakistan into Afghanistan in a sign of growing pressure on Islamabad to harden its foreign policy.

    It was one of the largest rallies against the government since it took office in March.


  3. Pakistan Shuts Border to NATO Traffic

    September 09, 2009

    Long War Journal|by Bill Roggio

    The Chaman border crossing in Baluchistan province has been closed to NATO traffic for the second time in two weeks as a dispute between Pakistani border guards and truckers continues.

    Pakistani border guards closed the crossing to traffic entering Paksitan after truckers refused to unload cargo for inspections. The Pakistani guard say weapons are being smuggled from Afghanistan into Pakistan, Dawn reported.

    Afghan troops retaliated by closing the crossing to vehicles coming from Pakistan. Traffic is reported to have stacked up on both sides of the border while Pakistan’s paramilitary Frontier Corps has moved to secure the NATO convoys.

    The Taliban savaged a NATO convoy further south in Quetta the same day the Chaman crossing was closed. “Eight tankers were completely gutted,” a police official told Dawn. The attack was the first in the Quetta region.

    The Chaman crossing was also closed on Aug. 30 due to the same dispute. The Taliban took advantage of the stacked up traffic and attacked NATO fuel trucks parked on the Pakistani side of the border. Twenty-five NATO tankers, supply trucks, and military vehicles were destroyed in the attack.

    The Chaman border crossing is the second largest route for NATo supplies into Afghanistan. Supplies travel from the port in Karachi, through Quetta and the Chaman crossing, to the final destination in Kandahar.

    The largest route into Afghanistan passes through the city of Peshawar, then through the Torkham Gate in Khyber, and ends up in Kabul. The northern route has been closed down seven time over the past year due to Taliban attacks. The Pakistani Army is currently conducting an operation to clear the Lashkar-e-Islam, a Taliban-linked group, from the Bara region and the Tirah Valley in Khyber.


  4. Time for reform, Ban urges Uzbeks

    Uzbekistan: UN secretary-general Ban Ki Moon has urged Uzbekistan to fulfil its international human rights commitments and take further steps toward improving the repressive political climate in the central Asian nation.

    Mr Ban did not cite specific complaints and stayed away from any mention of Uzbekistan’s 2005 brutal suppression of an uprising in the city of Andijan.

    Noting that Uzbekistan had signed international agreements on torture and on civil and political rights, he said: “It is time to deliver, time to put them fully into practice.”


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