British troops to leave Iraq

This video from Iraq Veterans Against the War in the USA says about itself:

Operation W.A.N.T.: The Price of Gas

Seven members from IVAW’s LA Chapter staged an early morning action on October 11th, placing 4,200 miniature soldiers around a gas station along with posters declaring “The Price of Gas: 4171 US SOLDIERS” (since the action, the number of US soldiers has climbed to 4,193). Participants in the Operation W.A.N.T. (We Are Not Toys) said their goal was to show average Americans what 4,171 US Soldiers looks like and to connect the deaths of US troops to this country’s dependence on foreign oil.

From British daily The Guardian:

Britain’s six-year occupation of south Iraq will begin drawing to a close in March, and the last troops will leave Basra by June, a senior defence source disclosed yesterday.

But instead of handing over to Iraqi authorities, the British will be replaced at their Basra airport base by a large force of US troops, who will set up their own headquarters there, the source revealed.

Good riddance.

When will the United States troops leave?

British ministers under pressure to hold inquiry on Iraq war within a year: here.

5 thoughts on “British troops to leave Iraq

  1. Maliki Official: SOFA Won’t End Occupation
    “We do understand that the Iraqi military is not going to get built out in the three years. We do need many more years. It might be 10 years.”

    SOFA Won’t Make U.S. Go Quietly
    It turns out that the new security agreement can be ditched by either side, while the Iraqi government is fully entitled to invite US troops to remain, as explained in the accompanying “strategic framework agreement”, so long as its bases or presence are not defined as “permanent”. And given that the current Iraqi government would be unlikely to survive a week without US protection, such a request is a fair bet.

    Resistance: No Compromise With Occupation
    [T]he resistance in Iraq will continue until the exit of the occupiers from the land of Mesopotamia.

    Justice for Blackwater?
    Significantly, Blackwater as a company faces no charges in the case.

    Where is the Democratic Party Left?
    To date, there has been no significant criticism from the antiwar left of the Democratic Party of the prospect that Mr. Obama will keep tens of thousands of troops in Iraq for at least several years to come.


  2. U.S. General: Forget SOFA — We’re Going Nowhere
    “We believe that’s part of our transition teams.”

    Fallujah Offensive Leaves Scars
    “Hundreds of people are still reported to be missing and we know nothing about their fate. Are they in US prisons or are their bodies under he rubble of destroyed houses?”

    Now It Can Be Told
    Declassified U.S. government documents show that while Saddam Hussein was gassing Iraqi Kurds, the U.S. opposed punishing Iraq with a trade embargo because it was cultivating Iraq as an ally against Iran and as a market for U.S. farm exports.


  3. Posted by: “frankofbos” frankofbos
    Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:38 pm (PST)
    Bush History-Bush Insider Says Bush Rewarded Iraq Incompetents with Top
    Civilian Medal 12/14

    A Bush insider says of Bush’s actions on this date: “The three
    individuals who got the highest civilian medals the President can give
    were responsible for a lot of the debacle that was Iraq”. Good choice
    for the nation’s highest honor, Mr. President! Also, the Army’s top
    general warns that Bush policies “will break” the Army if they are
    allowed to continue.

    Today’s category: Bushisms, Failing the Troops, Incompetence, Iraq,
    Revolt of the GOP & Insiders, Revolt of the Generals


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