Australian death squads in Afghanistan

This is a video from the USA about the United States Air Force bombing Afghan weddings.

It says about itself:

Chicago Afghan Wedding Party Protest

Nov 28, 2009

Wedding parties and other celebratory gatherings in Afghanistan are often bombed by US air-strikes and drones. This is intolerable and unacceptable – and must be halted, not escalated. The richest country on earth is destroying one of the poorest! Join us in protesting the surge of troops in Afghanistan and calling for an end to these wars of aggression.

By James Cogan:

Australian SAS units function as death squads in Afghanistan

10 December 2008

An Australian Defence Department (ADD) report published in October, and highlighted on November 26 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Lateline” program, provides a rare account of the shameful operations being performed by the Australian military as part of the US-led occupation of Afghanistan.

The units most involved are from the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) and the Fourth Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR), the Army’s designated commando battalion. These are highly trained troops and their ostensible role in times of war is to carry out long range reconnaissance, surveillance, harassment or raids on enemy targets. In the so-called “war on terror”, they are being used as little more than death squads.

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