Turkish protest against the Ilisu Dam

This video is called 2005 Egyptian vultures released in Italy.

From Birdlife:

Turkish protest against the Ilisu Dam


Protesters from Doğa Derneği (BirdLife in Turkey) unfurled a banner over the Turkcell Billboard in Istanbul on 25 November to highlight the construction of the Ilisu Dam. Showing panoramic views of Hasankeyf – a site marked for destruction as part of the dam construction -demonstrators, wearing the flags of Austria, Germany and Switzerland hung from the 20 metre high structure displaying their message: Hasankeyf today, tomorrow, forever.

“It is time for a positive decision”, said Erkut Erturk, Campaign Coordinator for Doğa Derneği. “Prime Minister Erdogan should honour his commitment to our heritage and save Hasankeyf forever by registering this culturally and biologically diverse region on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list”.

In less than two weeks, the governments of Germany, Austria and Switzerland will decide whether to give the go-ahead to the financing of the Ilisu Dam Project or choose to save Hasankeyf and the Tigris Valley from total and irreversible destruction. Germany, Switzerland and Austria all have vested interests in the construction of the dam, but also have the power to stop the destruction of thousands of years of history.

The controversial Ilisu Dam project threatens to flood a region that was once part of ancient Mesopotamia and that includes more than 83 archaeological sites. It is also home to many species of birds, such as Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus (Endangered) and Great Bustard Otis tarda (Vulnerable), as well as many mammals and other wildlife.

Doğa Derneği (BirdLife in Turkey) is urging the Turkish Government to abandon the Ilisu Dam project and to save Hasankeyf from destruction.

“The Ilisu Dam will only cause the destruction of our heritage and our legacy. For the sake of present and future generations, Turkey must stop this project. Germany, Austria and Switzerland must apply the same standards and controls to Turkey that they use in their own countries. No one should contribute to the disappearance of the unique wildlife and history of Hasankeyf”, concluded Erturk.

Rare Turkish bird haven Kuyucuk lake under threat: here.

Europe nixes controversial Turkish dam once again, here.

7 thoughts on “Turkish protest against the Ilisu Dam

  1. Bouw Turkse Ilisu-dam onzeker

    AMSTERDAM – De bouw van de omstreden Ilisu-dam in zuidoost- Turkije staat op losse schroeven nu de Duitse, Oostenrijkse en Zwitserse verzekeraars de steun aan de bouw voor 180 dagen hebben opgeschort. Volgens hen voldoet het project niet aan de eisen van de Wereldbank op het gebied van milieu, herhuisvesting en bescherming van het culturele erfgoed.

    Ze weten zich gesteund door hun respectieve regeringen. Deze weigerden in oktober exportkredieten te verzekeren na een vernietigend rapport van deskundigen van de exportkredietcontroleurs. Daarin werd geconstateerd dat Turkije niets heeft gedaan aan de milieueisen en weinig aan de positie van de mensen die worden verdreven door het stuwmeer.

    De Duitse regering acht het onacceptabel dat Turkije gewoon is doorgegaan met de bouw en met onteigeningsprocedures. Volgens staatssecretaris Erich Stather laat Duitsland niet langer met zich sollen. De dam in de Tigris maakt deel uit van het zogenoemde Zuidoost-Anatolië Project (GAP). Milieubeweging en archeologen zijn fel tegen de dam, die het eeuwenoude stadje Hasankeyf onder water zal zetten.

    Volkskrant 24-12- 2008


  2. US and Britain ready for air war

    TURKEY: Dozens of US, British and Turkish pilots are engaged in training exercises over central Turkey, indicating deepening military co-operation between the NATO allies.

    Pilots from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates are also participating in the Anatolian Eagle exercises, which wrap up on Friday.

    The Turkish military reported that a total of 83 jets are engaging in live bombing and strafing in a “realistic training environment with simulated surface-to-air missiles confronting aggressors.”



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  7. March against the destruction of nature in Hasankeyf

    Members of the Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) Batman Youth Assembly has organised a protest march against the construction plans of hydroelectric power plants and dams in Hasankeyf.

    Members of the Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) Batman Youth Assembly has organised a protest march against the construction plans of hydroelectric power plants and dams in Hasankeyf.

    Gathering in front of the Batman municipality building, the youths started their march towards Hasankeyf with a banner which reads “Reclaim your water, soil, energy, street, history”.

    The march has been organised against the construction of hydroelectric powers and dams which will cause enormous destruction of the ecological balance of the region as well as of historical settlements, such as the Ilısu dam being built in 12 thousand years old ancient city Hasankeyf.

    The march of the youth is also supported by the co-mayor of Batman, Gülistan Akel, who said that she found it utmost important that the youth reclaimed their nature and history. Ferzende Avcı from the Youth Assembly read out a press statement in front of the municipality building before the start of the march, saying that the youth of Kurdistan have launched a new move against the destruction of nature in their lands. Avcı stressed that the destruction of the history and nature in Kurdistan had always been a part of colonialist policies of the Turkish republic on the Kurds.

    “The reckless attacks of the capitalist system on our history, forests, rivers continue” said Avcı, adding that it was primarily the youth that will resist against this plunder and reclaim the water, soil, culture, energy resources, and history of Kurdistan.

    Source: BATMAN – ANF 09-03-2015


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