Canadian Conservative coup d’etat

This video is called Canada in Crisis!

By Keith Jones:

Canada’s constitutional coup: A warning to the working class

5 December 2008

In a flagrant attack on parliamentary norms and democratic rights, Canada’s minority Conservative government, in conjunction with the unelected governor-general, has shut down the country’s national parliament in order to prevent the opposition parties from ousting the government in a non-confidence vote scheduled for Monday.

Never before in Canada or, for that matter, any other country that follows the British parliamentary pattern, has a government prorogued parliament for the purpose of avoiding a non-confidence vote.

Two further facts underline the arbitrary and undemocratic character of Governor-General Michaëlle Jean’s decision to grant Prime Minster Stephen Harper his request that parliament be suspended until January 26:

* In an election less than eight weeks ago, Canadians once again denied the Conservatives a parliamentary majority, giving the three opposition parties 163 of the 308 House of Commons seats and well over half their votes.

* To demonstrate that the Conservatives had lost parliament’s “confidence,” and in accordance with long-established constitutional practice, the three opposition parties had officially informed the governor-general earlier this week that they were committed to defeating the government at the earliest opportunity and supporting an opposition coalition government for at least 18 months.

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From the Globe and Mail in Canada:


Ottawa still not co-operating in detainee inquiry

Commission chairman cites ‘serious challenges’ regarding access to witnesses and the provision of documents


December 5, 2008

OTTAWA — The Harper government continues to resist making documents and witnesses available despite its promise to co-operate with an independent inquiry investigating whether senior Canadian military officers ordered the transfer of battlefield prisoners to Afghan custody knowing they would likely be tortured.

Canada’s “constitutional coup” and the corporate media: here.

Thousands gather for ‘No Prorogue’ rallies: here.

The Myth that Canada is a Global Force for Peace: here.

7 thoughts on “Canadian Conservative coup d’etat

  1. Posted by: “frankofbos”

    Thu Dec 4, 2008 9:48 pm (PST)

    Bush History-Innocent German Thrown into Afghan ‘Salt Pit’, Courtesy of
    CIA 12/5

    Europe, of course, is a key ally in the terror fight; tips and
    resources from the EU have been of great value to the US. It is of no
    help then, when the Bush administration does bone headed things such as
    throwing an innocent vacationing German into an Afghan prison dubbed
    the ‘Salt Pit’. Also on this date, more LIEs about WMDs.

    Today’s category: Human Rights/Human Wrongs, Iraq, Proven Wrong


  2. Canada: Political crisis exposes national, class divisions; left
    debates Liberal-NDP coalition

    By Richard Fidler
    OTTAWA — December 8, 2008 — In a classic 19th century work, English
    journalist Walter Bagehot divided the constitution into two parts. The
    “efficient” part — the executive (cabinet) and legislative — were
    responsible for the business of government. The “dignified” part, the
    Queen, was to put a human face on the capitalist state. Bagehot noted,
    however, that the Queen also had “a hundred” powers called prerogatives,
    adding: “There is no authentic explicit information as to what the Queen
    can do….”

    * Read more


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